Bananas and meat also

Bananas and meat also come in ripening rooms.
Finally, the room is still maturing, which is widely criticized for the expenditure of energy. There, some avocados (labeled “eat me” or “ready to eat”) pass six days before arriving at the supermarket. Because avocados are usually a hard rock and it takes up to two weeks to eat them. Therefore, it is difficult for many people to include it in their diet, which leads to the development of maturity rooms.

However, there is still an option to turn to avocados that were not in the maturity rooms. But it is known that meat is stored in mature rooms for a few days. But then there is talk of the experience of “lazing around”, while obviously it Overnight Lean Keto is offensive for the avocado to stay in the maturation rooms. Many other foods are stored for months in well-conditioned rooms with air conditioning (so-called CA camps), such as potatoes or apples.

The consumer has the option.
Avocados like any other food. They can be produced in inadequate areas in monocultures with a high energy expenditure. However, they can be widely harvested in a mixed organic crop in areas with normal rainfall (as described in the Grain and Grains 2017 article). The consumer decides what kind of broth and what happens if he buys ripe avocado or that he ripens at home.

Of course, organic avocados should be transported first, but those that generally refuse to transport food, who can still move to the following organic farmers and keep only seasonal and regional foods. Then, of course, coffee, bananas, citrus fruits, mangoes, pineapples and many types of tea, cocoa and chocolate are taboo. Since food transfers are made every day in Germany and Europe, not to mention the means of transporting livestock, the criterion of “I do not eat anything that has been transported over longer distances” greatly limits the choice of food.

Of course, meat and dairy products are no longer an option, because feed (soybeans and corn) come from abroad and animal products outperform all other foods in terms of water consumption.

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