However, if the side

However, if the side effects result from the prescription, this is quite good and you must accept it implicitly. Finally, the logo of traditional medicine is: only in the effect, as well as in the side effects!

Of course, we do not recommend red rice yeast products, because we believe that disorders of fat metabolism can not be treated with a quick-fix product, but only with a comprehensive approach, as described here:

But why, when you recommend medications, do you mention alternatives that help you deal with the problem in a healthy way and make you healthier? Instead, the doctor is referred to again and again as if he kept the secret of eternal health. If so, nobody will look for supplements in search of more luxury.

Less than 3 calls per hour in the Poison Control Center due to dietary supplements
In July of 2017, researchers wrote in the Journal¬† Trialix¬† of Medical Toxicology that in the United States every 24 minutes, they go to the poison control centers to obtain nutritional supplements. Scientists at Ohio Children’s National Hospital believe that the government does not have enough control here.

Seventy percent of the callers were concerned that a child had found the supplements and swallowed them accidentally and was not sure how they would affect the children. In fact, serious complaints can be seen in 4.5% of calls only. Again, in almost all cases there were children who found and took supplements at home.

If you look at the reasons why people call the emergency center in cases of poison, it turns out that nobody asks for herb capsules of barley or chlorella tablets or nettle powder.

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