Gray hair treatment

Gray hair treatment
It’s called modified pseudocatalase and activated UVB. “Pseudo” because it is a refined enzyme similar to the enzyme of the body itself, which can quickly break down the hydrogen peroxide in the body to water and oxygen, so it loses the effect of discoloration.

The PC-KUS pseudocatalase is also reduced and applied directly to the scalp to repaint the hair.

Treatment for vitiligo.
By the way, PC-KUS should not only prevent the formation of gray hair, but should also help treat Vitiligo. Vitiligo is the so-called white spot disease, a  Keto Blast disease of the skin that breaks down in some parts of the skin, leaving a mottled appearance.

The mechanism of formation of vitiligo, in the opinion of scientists, is almost the same that leads to gray hair.

According to Professor Dr. Meed, the two problems, gray hair and vitiligo, put a lot of pressure on the injured. Karen U. Schallreuter. If the hair and skin can be pigmented again, that is, recover their natural color, this greatly improves the quality of life of these people.

Study with patients with vitiligo.
Schallreuter conducted this study in close collaboration with the University of Greifswald in Germany and the British Center for Skin Sciences at the University of Bradford.

An international group of 2411 patients with vitiligo was examined. It has been found that patients suffer from severe oxidative stress and, at the same time, can measure a low catabase activity.

And what does all this do with the onion juice?

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