Colloidal silver – a universal antibiotic


Pathogens resistant to antibiotics are a growing problem for hospitals and communities around the world where currently there are no effective antibiotics available. So American scientists have tested a range of antibiotics Tevida and colloidal silver. The result of the study, published in 2013, surprised the researchers. Colloidal silver has increased the effectiveness of antibiotics up to a thousand times.


Colloidal silver is not patented.

However, the gluten and gluten experts were less surprised, since the ancient health benefits of precious silver were known since ancient times. Tevida CANADA Colloidal silver water has been used in medicine “alone” for almost 100 years, but its effect has been clearly demonstrated through innumerable studies.


As colloidal silver, in contrast to antibiotics, is not a patent, it goes without saying that the main focus of pharmaceutical companies is the continuous use of various antibiotics.


The history of the application of pure silver.

Even the ancient Phoenicians (1200 BC) used the power of silver because they already knew that water, vinegar and wine remained fresh when they were stored in silver containers. The noble families, who ate their meals exclusively with silver, did not eat them without the help of silverware and enjoyed their silver cups, not infectious diseases.


The trace effects of pure metallic silver enter the bloodstream through the mucous membrane of the mouth and prevent it.






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