The alkalis in tea: The big criminals?

The alkalis in tea: The big criminals?
In the media, in combination with herbal tea are very common (mint, chamomile, balm, etc.) and is repeatedly warned against the so-called pyrrolizidinalcaloiden, a subset of alkaloids, which can also be toxic depending on the dose. On the other hand, alkali belongs to the secondary plant material and, therefore, to the completely natural materials found in many plants.

Stiftung Varintist also pointed out that even in some cases organic tea is very contaminated by these “contaminants”. Although there is no significant risk, there is always talk of the risks and the maximum quantities manufactured, which should not be exceeded. Why is it emphasized that “even” contaminated organic tea is strange, because the plant naturally contains certain chemical chemicals, whether organic or not?

Alkaloid deaths?
To shed light on the real danger, the media refers to cases of poisoning and deaths in countries such as India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Keto blast Jamaica. However, humans did not die there for the same tea, but for involuntary mixtures of toxic herbs (cross-herbs and punches), which are found in grains or in mixtures of non-toxic herbs, in fact.

These toxic herbs contain a high percentage of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, one of the reasons why these herbs are avoided when grazing animals in the meadow. They have a bitter and unpleasant taste. If the farmer is now using hay from a meadow where many poisonous plants grow, the animals also eat it, since they can no longer be distinguished from drying. Of course, animals have health problems. What is the conclusion of many media? All plants containing pyrolizidine alkaloids should be dangerous.

These assumptions were now confirmed in animal experiments. Rats (or other animals) were force-fed with high-dose, possibly isolated, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, which caused damage to the liver and cancer. Obviously, attempts of this kind are far from any reality, since the desired result is virtually forced by all means. Clearly proven poisoning in humans in our latitudes are nowhere to be found. So why the great effort, herbal teas and thus also certain herbs to give a bad reputation?

Let’s first clarify what alkaloids are, where they can be found and to what degree their toxicity can move:

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